A few days before Christmas, Gabi and I went down to the mall for some window shopping (and mall bourbon chicken, best stuff ever)

I grabbed a few pics like I did about this same time last year and this one is the best

Doesn’t that look like the Dread Pirate Roberts? I want to do a funny quote from the movie here, but nothings coming to mind…

Anyway the Christmas rush was in full effect so of course Santa was there.

There was a giant Christmas tree, where Gabi and I posed for our holiday picture, Gabi got close up and made a phone desktop out of it and I thought it was a good idea and did likewise.

Big fuzzy hats are in this year

It makes me wish I was a teenage girl so I could sport one.

Ahh who am I kidding, I’m too ugly for the team captain to ever go out with me!

Speaking of teenagers, check out this machine by the bathrooms.

I think this is a brilliant marketing ploy, kids that are too shy to buy this at a store can just come here. It’s placed so kids that normally wouldn’t think of it see it everytime they hang out in the food court, and I bet it’s cheaper then an actual store but makes lots of profit.

totally brilliant.