I’m doing well in my abs diet, but as expected I won’t be able to get the shape I need by dragon. I don’t feel bad about it though because it was a good focus to get me on this diet and now that I’ve started some good habits, I plan to keep them up on going. I found out over the weekend that I can bench press 170 pounds already so that’s pretty good.

That puts me back with the Dr Who group as the good old brigadier, and although I love the parade I hate to shave:

see, I gotta look like that during my favorite weekend of the year and I don’t wanna!

so there are several choices I can make.

1. I can shave anyway and suck it up.
2. I can have the little goat on my chin and cover it with make up. (It will look bad, but it is only for a 3 hour parade)
4 I can choose to do a UNIT solider instead I already have the parts for that
5 I can choose to do the new series Master instead, I already have the parts for that.

I just shaved today and that’s how I know I hate the non-bearded look. I now have enough time to grow everything back in time for the con so what I think I will do is get a goatee, then shave most of it off but not the very bottom of the chin or stash. I’ll do the parade then shave the stash and go with the look Ive been sporting for a while.

I may shave my head Sunday cus I am bringing my Wally Allgood pimp suit and like the way it looks sans hair… I know, when you have no job you can spend way too much time worrying about the small stuff. Well don’t worry that will soon be over because school starts the day after dragon and I’ll have all new things to think about. I’m getting excited about that!