A few weeks ago my buddy James and I went to the 7 stages in Atlanta to check out a showing of Dracula: The Rock Opera, and I absolutely loved it!

(I should give you full disclosure and tell you that I know some of the people on this project. Honestly though, that’s not why I liked it, or why I’m sharing it with you now.)

The stage show is a retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula done with a live rock band. Every bit of the show is told in song, making it a true opera.

Although the lyrics were difficult to make out in person, the show was good enough to get past this pretty heavy problem, and that’s saying something.

The sets, costume design, acting, and special effects really come together to make a wonderfully atmospheric show. Makeup expert (and my boss at AZA) Shane Morton’s work is forefront and Rob Thompson is now my favorite actor to play Drac.

There’s a moment in the middle of the show where Dracula rocks the fuck out, and it’s a glorious moment to behold. If they make a DVD I’m buying it just for that!

So yea, the show is going to be in town until October 14th and I plan to watch that final show if I swing it. YOU however should watch any of them the first time before it’s gone!