I was thinking about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who today and I realized now would be a good time put down my ideas that way if I’m correct I can reference back to it like my theory on Sherlock.

Basically there are a few things I know we will see in this episode:


  • At a MINIMUM we will see the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th doctors.

  • The 11th Doctor will team up with the 10th and 8th during the episode, and a regeneration from 8th to 9th will occur on screen.

  • This may not be Matt Smith’s last ride, but it WILL feature his regeneration into the next Doctor.

    There are actually lots of reasons I have for saying these things, but honestly, I don’t feel like explaining them right now because I don’t think anyone will be reading this post, let alone call me on it.

    Instead I’m going to leave these outrageous claims just as they are so I can have a dated post to call back to when I’m totally right.

    If you do want to know more feel free to ask and I’ll explain.