UPDATE: I changed this post to use the gallery format, so if this seems wordy it’s because the pics use to be between all these lines. Some of these pics have comments if you click on them, and feel free to let me know if the change makes the text confusing.


I have to start off by saying Wow, I can’t believe how successful this event was. As much fun as I had last year, I was still operating alone, and expected the same this time.

It made my frakking weekend that so many of you came and that we were all ready to share the joy that is Dr Steel.

Also, I’m afraid I didn’t catch everyone’s name that was there, so for the most part I’m going to have to speak vaguely. If you were there, or you recognize someone in the photos, please sound off below! I’ll fix it in the report post haste!

Thanks to Toy Solider JediMom we had the prefect meeting place, the pavilion just outside of the main hotel.

When my group had arrived in the area on Thursday morning, I forgot our propaganda in the car. Since we had it parked for us none of us actually knew where it was for us to bring it to the event.

While Toy Solider Cheesemen and Tekka went to get that, I arrived at the pavilion just in case anyone was waiting for us. I was the first to arrive, but it didn’t take long before I ran into jedimom, and then a few moments later by a toy scout and some soldiers, one of them carrying the totally awesome Dr Steel flag!

Toy Solider JediReject

It wasn’t long until my group arrived with the small amount of propaganda we were able to print before we headed to the con.

Once we had all arrived it was time for EPIC PHOTOS!

Taking these pictures was a lot of fun because if we did it just right the wind would catch the flag and we would get such great wafting action.

It was still Atlanta in the summer time though, and we were all wearing long sleeve black in the sun. I was pretty hot in my casual uniform, so I can’t imagine how the rest of the fellas were feeling.

Once we had gotten all the group photos, it was time to head out to a better place to preach the word of Dr Steel! and there was no place better then where we were last year, between the main and secondary hotels. (there are 4 official hotels now FYI)

so we headed out, stopping to recruit new people along the way!

Once we had arrived at the local, it didn’t take long for us to take the place over. I stood the in middle to start with, the boys grabbed the surrounding turf. We asked the ladies to take the ground to hand out the propaganda.

Toy Solider Cheesemen was kind enough to take all the photos so he spent a lot of time amount the masses, and there were plenty of those. Rough estimates put it the con at 65,000 strong, and at this walk way there were anywhere from a few hundred to a full thousand walking by at a time. Many of them knew of the doctor, and the ones that didn’t were still tickled at our display.

over the hour and a half we were there, a few people decided to join in on the fun

The best being the blue man group

They were enthusiastic and raised their fist in the air to our promises, we were trying to steer away from being too militant so I took a moment to teach them the salute.

After we had told the world about the glory that is Dr Steel, we all decided to head over to the food court for lunch, shouting about how great the utop9ian play land will be.

Since the tables were so packed, we took our meal to the hotel and got to know each other a little better. There was of course still time to let everyone know why we were dressed so spiffy!

my wife couldn’t join us this year, but she did manage to get this great shot from our hotel room

and that is pretty much our story. We all had an amazing time, and hope to meet up again in the near future (megacon anyone?)

The only thing left to show you is my cool doctored pics. I am part of the 300 Spartans that started up last year and in the movie they use an effect called the crush to make it look more comic book like. I use this effect on our work

This effect look FANTASTIC for Toy Soldiers, so I would like to share the best of those with you as a finally.

I know, super picture heavy, I hope you enjoyed!