The photos Karen took are fabulous, but they don’t show any of the crowd we were preaching too! I was waiting for another photographer to get back to me with some other shots, but I still haven’t heard back from them. You’ll just have take my word on it that there are thousands of people just off screen… really.


At first it was myself and my friend Allen. he is not a full fledged toy solider yet, but he offered to fill in for my missing Gabi


His costume came out outstandingly well for a last minute addition, and that’s just gear he happened to have packed with him on this trip, what serendipity!


here he is talking to one of the passerby’s, and before you ask, yes that’s Arthur Dent.


again you really can’t see it here, but we did have quite a crowd, out of the thousands that went from one hotel to the other, we had over 400 people take the fliers from us.

I’ve talked about my costume before, so there’s not need to rehash, I think it came out just terriffic.

I stood up there saying things like “Join Dr Steel and his army of Toy Soldiers and have dragoncon all year round.” “Dr Steel loves you!” things like that.



after being outside in the cross walk for about an hour, we got a call from Gab and met up inside for awhile.


We didn’t like it inside so went back out to our stoop for a while. She forgot her hat and grabbed mine. I have to admit, without the hat It lessens my look a bit, but it makes her look way hot. Here’s the rest of the pictures from that.



and that’s pretty much our adventure. DragonCon is such a welcoming place. If people believed that Dr Steel was real, or thought we were super villains, they still met us with a smile and an open mind.

I don’t know if I can get the stoop again, but either way I’m going to try to make it even bigger next year, I hope to see you there!

Dr Steel saw this when it was original posted in 07, here’s what he said:


What absolutely smashing work. Thank you so very much for this grand initiative. Your support and aesthetic style is grand indeed.

I am proud to have each one of you in The Army of Toy Soldiers. I look forward to supplying you all with personal robots in the not too distant future.

To a Utopian Playland!
~Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel–