After CPR training and lunch it was finally time to leave Gainesville, and to do that all I had to do was walk though the door.


But alas, the training was in a blood donation center and I couldn’t leave without doing my part to help.

It was time for… THE CHAIR.


I haven’t given blood since my Air Force days, and it hasn’t really changed.


The whole process took about 15 minutes and, thanks to the skilled person working on me, it was pretty painless.

I didn’t even need a band-aid at the end! Of course I got one anyway.


She said that packet of blood was about a pound but I found I was down 3lbs when I got on the scale that night.


You can see in the full body picture above I need to drop some weight but yea not like that.

I found it a little harder then normal to go up 10 flights of stairs the next day but other then that I was not effected.

so yea, it’s important, if you find yourself near a blood bank make sure to give a little huh?

You’ll get a free cookie.