In the middle of this April, my friend John made an interesting post on his facebook page where he broke down the 7 doctors that came before the new series and their definitive episodes that helped define their era.

John Says:

“It occurs to me there are so many stories of The Doctor that for a new fan it is virtually impossible to go through them all. Not to mention there is also the confusion as to which stories should a new fan watch to get the most out of the mythos. It is with that in mind that I offer up a list which (in my opinion) give you all the important aspects of Doctor Who. This isn’t so much a list of the best episodes as much as they are pivotal to the evolution of the series.”

I thought this was a great idea and so I’ve worked with him into expanding it into a series here on wackomedia. Every Tuesday for the next 12 weeks you’ll get a new post about one of the 11 incarnations of the doctor.

I’ll supply a brief description of the character, and John will supply a breakdown of episodes you might like to watch.

They’ll even be cross referenced to netflix and youtube for easy viewing, plus any episode that is watch now will be noted.

You can see all the doctor’s at I’m excited about this, so I hope you enjoy.