Even though I’ve picked up temporary work with Pic once again, I’ve also secured a few jobs as a freelance showmen, one of them being my yearly gig as a DJ.

This is the third year I’ve done this for Cinco De Mayo, but the first year that it’s rained.


Since it was so gloomy outside with promise of cold weather, all of the events except myself were canceled and they moved me inside to the back.


This ended up working out just fine, I was a little hard to see in the corner, but I was easy to hear and out of the way so I didn’t have to tape anything down.


I’m pretty happy with the rig. The black box was on loan, but I built the rest of it just the night before.


You might have noticed that I added my giant scroll wheel, cus why not right? It turns out that it was REALLY useful, so maybe I’m on to something with it.


This show is unusual because it is 8 hours long!

Because of that I don’t get a big reaction from folks. They are mainly there to have a few drinks and eat dinner, but this time people started dancing in the isles right away.


And it pretty much never stopped all night, by the end I had a full-on dance floor.


Not since Saturday morning cartoons have I had such a good time mixing for a live audience.

At the end I got booed because they didn’t want me to stop!

Had the gig not been 8 hours long already I probably would have kept going, but alas I had to be back in the office early in the AM so the good times had to come to an end.

Lucky for me this venue was super close to the house, only 5 minutes so I was shut down and home in a ridiculously short amount of time.

It worked out so well I may go back before next year to play again, so yea total success.