You guys might remember a few months ago that I finally started playing DnD but we only got through 2 games before I got my new job and had to stop. (by the way guys, I got a new job and can’t play any more.)

The problems with playing were as old as the game itself and had a lot to do with getting together in order to play.

My first idea was to do it digitally but this was met with death stares from most of the people I suggested it too even though we had a virtual player in our very first game.

I still think it’s the best way to get it done because I have friends all over the country that would join if they could and the guys working on Roll 20 agree.

Basically it’s all the tools you need to get a web based game going, and that cuts down on travel time making games easier. Let’s let them go through the features…

Yea I am very much for this idea, once this is out of closed beta I intend to get a group together, you in?