Guest Post by Gabi:


This right here is my glimmer of hope for this franchise. I’m a huge fan as you probably already know. Got the games, resin models, guns, made a costume, ect. I’ve even had the pleasure of escorting Dante and Vergil’s voice actors around a con.

When I heard Capcom was offering the fans an HD version I thought there was some kind of mercy after seeing what they are up to now.

The trailer for the original games in HD looked delicious and I was more than ready to pony up the cash on the April 3rd release date. (Early birthday present for me)

Peter thought I should pre order since we could and I am so glad I did. On Wednesday I got an automated call saying the game was ready for pick up March 29th. I called the local game stop and asked was it true and they responded in the affirmative.

When I dropped in later that day they were unsure and had to make a couple calls because they thought it was breaking the street date. Manager oked it and off I went.

And if you’ve never seen this costume here you go….

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make a show of it.