There are a lot of shows that make you think, keep you interested, then just fail to end properly >cough< battlestar >cough<

It was refreshing to find a show that ended the way it should, with no last minute dues ex bullcrap.   Deathnote was a 9 volume DVD that was jam packed with suspense, Sherlock Homles style mystery, and excellent memorable characters. I can’t even think of a single episode that was filler, every episode built on the last in a satisfying way. 

And I’m not even talking about a ending that I loved, I wish things had gone differently, but it’s satisfying because the story is over and there are no long lasting questions in it like some other shows >cough< starbuck >cough<

This is the first anime I’ve liked in a long time, so it’s good to finally have a show I can use to entertain people at that anime con I run.


I found the font they use and I’ve been playing around, who knows maybe Wally Allgood will speak to the audience this year after all.