Deal or Not is a surprising good Gameshow.

we scaled the real show down to 13 cases instead of 26. Each case was held by one of the members of upper management. I have to admit I was worried about having that many busy people be there, but they all got there on time and really got into the show.

The banker came out just fantastically! We took some movable walls and made a little sealed area in the cafeteria over the door of that area we pinned up a sheet and then put a projector behind it. the Banker sat in a seat at the door and all the audience could see was his outline.

The effect was PERFECT, he would pantomime being happy or upset, and when he stood up, it looked like he was 8 feet tall. I’m muchly pleased with that part.

My hosting skills were same ol’ same ol’ if you’ve ever seen me do it, you know what I did. Everyone kept asking me “aren’t you nervous about being the host in front of the whole building?” and all I can say is “no, not even a little” I don’t want to make a big deal of it, but I’ve done this so many times that any bit of fear I may have had is long since gone.

This was game 1 of 4 so I have all month to practice and get this show just right. maybe next year we’ll do a version for the AFO, it really is cheap and easy to do.