The best part about this particular show is the banker

we used a sheet, and an LCD projector and the effect is just great! They don’t do better on the show.

Matthew made an interface in Power point that looks really good too,

Our models were the company managers

at first I thought that was going to be kind of lame, but I was really pleased with the effect of this. The managers didn’t suddenly leave or take conference calls during the show, and they got into it in fun not-lame ways.

way to go Lumbergs!

Our first contestant of the day was pregnant and sat during the show.

Because she did, so did everyone else. I didn’t ask for them to stand because I didn’t want it to be an issue, so I let it slide this week. next week everyone is going to have to stand.
We had real working phones too. the banker would call me and give me a offer.

I was a little worried about the phones at first, but then I remembered that we are in a building with at least 5000 of them so hooking one up like we needed was the easiest thing we could ask.

This week the contestants were playing for a chance to be in the final show instead of real cash. This is because we can’t give away 600 bucks every week. So to entice the deal I offered a few things like an action Einstein toy or bawls cola.

Once I offered 5 bucks in real cash and they didn’t take the deal. I was surprised because even if they get to the final round, they may still walk away with less.

I sniffed the case to see if it smelled like money. turns out it did, it had 200 dollars in side

she took a deal for 60 bucks and an autographed picture of me… we made her hold the big money picture anyway.

We had a real button for them to push when they wanted to make a deal. contestants were real quick to close the box before I had the chance to explain all the bonuses of saying yes then.

That’s pretty much the whole show. special thanks to Carlos for taking the pictures for me. If I can figure out an easy way to do the phones at the con, I may do this show again for assimulation with scifi prizes. I have three contestants per show and one of them moves on to the big game in two weeks. After I’ve done that one I will only have 8 days with the company before I’m a “freelance”

More pics can be found here if you’re interested
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