It’s no secret how much I like Dead Rising so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I was waiting for Case West with much anticipation.

In this installment Frank West is finally brought back into the story and teams up with Chuck to get evidence to clear his name.

It was great to have Frank back. Because part 2 was based on part 1’s source code all of his old moves still worked, and since I am slightly better at him then Chuck it was welcome.

They claim the photography is back, but it really feels tacked on. I miss being able to earn xp by actually being a good journalist, and I was kinda pissed when Frank made his own weapons and Chuck took pictures, it makes them seem less unique.

I thought it was going to be DLC for part two, but it’s a stand alone game, and that has the advantage of achievement completions

but the disadvantage is that frank can’t play in fortune city! This sucks because when you do co-op in Dead Rising 2 you just get a copy of Chuck and I was hoping this would fix that.

Over all it’s a pretty good game, but it could have been better. Unlike case zero this feels rushed, but it does give us a glimpse into what DR3 will be like when it finally comes out.