I know I’ve been talking a lot about Dead Rising lately, but hear me out.

I got my Xbox 360 because of this game and at the time I didn’t know it had some of the hardest achievements in the systems history, if not the hardest period. Now when I go through a game I get what I can and forget about the rest. But Dead Rising was the first, and it’s been bugging me this whole time.

Once every year or two I sit down and try to get a few more, and yesterday I got two of the four ‘holly shit’ ones and I have to tell you about it.

Getting these was HELL! Not only did I have to answer every call that the janitor makes, no matter where I am or how long it takes; I also had to escort every single survivor in the mall to the safe house, and these people are too stupid to live!

We’re talking about people that will walk into a bunch of zombies instead of around them. People that will not take weapons or food and won’t walk unless you hold their hand or tell them to come on. People who can’t walk around potted plants and will run into each other forever unless OH MY GOD I HATE THEM HATE THEM!!

After I saved everyone I had to actually beat the game for the achievement to work and by the time I got to the final boss my thumb was hurting so bad I almost couldn’t do it.

But in the end I manged, and there are only two left, both of them can be done at the same time and require a 14 hour play through.

I actually thought they were going to be the worst but it’s going to be easy comparatively. Once my thumbs work again I’m going to give it a try, and trust me you’ll find out about it when it’s done!