Ever hear of Zone of the Enders?

I use to jokingly call that “Zone of the Metal Gear Demo” because I played that about 100 times more then I did ZOE.

Did you hear that Mass Effect 2 was going to start as Legion being a playable character for the first few levels but they decided not to so to avoid confusion?

What’s my point? That for a long time I thought they should take a game, make a small playable map and sell the demo / setup story for like 5 bucks. This gives me more content, and gets them a little cash, and I’ve never understood why they don’t do that.

Well finally a game’s done exactly that.

Case 0 is a stand-alone chapter that takes place between Dead Rising 1 and 2. It’s super fun to play, and some of the stuff I unlock will transfer over to the full game when I eventually get it.

Dead Rising 1 was the reason I got an Xbox in the first place and I played it A LOT. I didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out it has some of the hardest to get achievements in history.

I was trying hard for them all.. and gave up when one required you to literally play for 3 real time days.

So you can imagine how pleased I was when I got all the achievements available for the demo, practically in one play through.

After I got them all I realized that if I was careful I might be able to do everything the game had to offer in one play so I loaded it back up as Gabi to give it a try.

I got them all except 1: kill 1000 zombies and had to pick that one up after. Still pretty cool.

The game comes out in the end of September, so I am hoping to get this one as a birthday gift the following month (oct 26)

Once I have it I’ll let you know how it is, but based on the demo I may be out of touch for a week or so.