For this year’s con I had a space to fill in the gameshow theater and was able to talk the powers that be into showing DBZ abridged!


The movie was a little longer then the hole in the schedule. My first thought was to cut it down myself and make it “DBZ Abridged – Abridged” This was an idea that still tickles me, but something even better happened. We found more room on the schedule and Chris Sabat agreed to join me!

850118-christopher_r_sabat_full_large sonny

We’ll be showing the entire 10 part series starting at 4:30pm on Friday July 31st, as part of Anime Festival Orlando. Sony Strait has been invited too, but he’s not confirmed yet. I can’t promise that either of them will stay for the whole show, but however long he’s there is sure to be great.


He’s going to be a guest in my gameshow theater and that means he’ll be facing the audience with his own monitor while they get to see the show on a big projected screen. I’m also going to film it as part of an episode of Wacko Reviews.

If you’re curious, I’ve downloaded the episodes via torrent and converted them over to DVD. It’s going to be a clear as possible without the original source videos. Whenever I do a video presentation I make a simple loading screen so I can check audio levels and know things are setup at least 5 minutes in advance. Because I don’t know how many times it will loop before I begin, I like to keep them simple so they don’t annoy. This is what I came up with for DBZ A

If you have any questions or suggestions, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment, it’s not to late to make this even better.