Myself, James, and the whole gang came over to watch Guyver 1 and 2 and the good news is that we pretty much all agreed that the first one was bad and the second one was good.

The problem is that James really wants us to use G2 for the project, while I want to use G1. My reasoning is that G1 was so bad that we could have a field day showing facts in trivia as to why that is. Every actor in the movie was well known in the horror movie genre so it would have been simple to bring in clips to things they have done.

G2 was good; it was harder to find things to reference. It was closer to the real Guyver storyline, but the only really well known actor was THE David Hayter

And the problem is that David Hayter is too awesome to make fun of. I can make a lot of solid snake references, but that would get kind of old after 90 minutes.

Since James and couldn’t agree on which movie to do, so we both agreed that we need to find another choice. This is a good thing because we’ve done this early enough to have lots of time to find the perfect movie.

I’m not sure what it will be, maybe super Mario bros, or maybe one of the power ranger movies, that would be pretty cool too.

I’ll keep you posted.