This is Cyrus Caughter, hero of paragon city in the game City of Heroes



Cy is a member of the alliance of Fighting Otaku (AFO) which is a group of all the Anime Festival Oorlando show runners who fought crime together. I think because everyone who was in our super-group (think guild to you WOWers) were real-world buddies, it made the game that much more awesome.



That ID card is one of my very first photo-shops I ever did, maybe I should have gotten into making fake IDs.

The AFO had many adventures, but in 2006 it ran out of steam and Paragon City was pretty much on it’s own. A few people stayed, but I was not one of them.

To bring this project back to design I should tell you about the hero creator system


The system lets you make pretty much any character you can imagine. If you don’t ask too many questions, you can have some fun with this WITHOUT having to buy an account

This costume creator was made as an advertisement for “city of Hero” the Asian version of the game. If you know how to change your registry you can switch the program to English. I’m posting a direct link to it here because it is a free program to start with. Our playing with it isn’t stealing.