Here’s another comic book idea. Yes it’s based off of city of hero’s but it’s still our original characters so screw it. You may notice us talk about hero registration a few times, but this was written in 2004, years before Marvel made civil war. I’m still waiting for the royalty check.


Issue one

A young businesswoman runs down the street in king’s row. Three trolls mug her. She screams for help and a silhouetted hero appears and walks towards them. She thinks she is saved, but the hero walks up to the lead troll (TJ) and shakes his hand, street style. The hero is Cyrus Caughtner, a handsome “normal Joe” that works at the video store down the street. When the woman asks for help, he tells her not to carry a purse like that, and to just give up the money.

When he gets to the video store he is yelled at by his boss for being late, he can’t go home until Cy relieves him. Cy argues that it’s dangerous out there and he had to take the long way to avoid the skulls, and once he saw the mugging he had to say something so the troll would let him pass.

His girlfriend also works there, and gives him a hard time for being so heartless. He argues that it’s bad enough that he has to wear a bullet resistant vest; people mistake him for a hero too much already. The last thing he wants is to be on the bad side of every gang in this city. She says that she thinks heroes are sexy and that one day he may have to stand up to the bad guys. His boss ends that conversation by telling Cy he can be a hero after work, and he’s going home. Oh, and that some kid has knocked over the display stand in the game isle again, get to cleanin’

At closing time Cy locks up the store for the night and begins his walk home. It’s an usually quiet night on the streets and Cy starts to think to himself that it’s kinda creepy. Suddenly a man drops from the sky in front of him, cracking the concrete and knocking Cy back. The man lies on his back. He’s in spandex, and is glowing, Clearly a hero. He reaches out to Cy, gasping. “aww man…”

Cy looks around, no bad guys, no good guys, no teleporter. The man stops glowing, and stops breathing. “aww common dude.. Damn it!” Cy leans over and gives him CPR, staring with breathing new air into his mouth, then pumping his chest. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4, back to mouth….

The hero’s eyes shoot open. He grabs Cy’s head and starts to glow again… so does Cy. Cy finally breaks free and falls back on his ass, woozy. The hero looks at him… tries to speak his last words, but can’t get them out. His eyes turn lifeless, and he disappears… way to go teleporter. Cy stands and dusts himself off. The ground is cracked, but other then that there is no sign of the hero. He is totally alone on the street. Having nothing else to do, he goes home.

Cy is still woozy; there is a late notice for his rent taped to his door. He goes in and checks his messages. The boss says his girlfriend can’t make it tomorrow and He’ll have to come in early. He takes off his vest, takes some aspirin, and goes right to bed. The alarms seem to go off the very next minute. Cy takes a shower. When he gets out, he wipes off the mirror with his hand and starts to comb his hair. “I’m up early, but at least the headaches gone.” He thinks. “Maybe I should call the PDP today and let them know that cape died before the transport, that isn’t cool.” A fly buzzes across his nose and he tracks it with his eyes. When it lands on the wall he swats it… knocking a hole twice as big as his hand through it, the stud behind it, and the wall behind that. He looks at the hole, at his hand. Then back at the mirror. He’s glowing like the hero last night. “aww crap!”

He grabs his vest and runs out the door, late for work again! At least the glowing stopped… maybe it won’t come back, maybe he can see a doctor after work— TJ the troll stops him, damn it!

Seems that TJ heard that Bubba heard that Cyrus was working with a hero last night. It wasn’t like that, but TJ isn’t willing to hear. He and two others close in on Cy. TJ gets right in his face. They’ve been lenient on him because he respects their crew. But they don’t like the idea that he’s been a hero behind their back. How can they trust someone whose been doing that kinda shit? So to “rebuild their trust” they’re just going to smack him around a bit. Teach him a lesson and also ease everyone’s mind that Cy Caughtner knows his place and isn’t better then the trolls.

Tj pushes Cy, Cy pushes TJ right back… through a brick wall. Bubba and the other nameless troll look at TJ a final brick falls on him. Cy stands there with his arms outstretched, glowing again. TJ gets up. “KILL. HIM.” Cy runs like a bitch.

He doesn’t get far. Bubba shoots at Cy. A bullet hits him the middle of the back, and he falls to the ground. The nameless troll pulls Cy up by his hair and TJ hits him in the face, knocking his glasses off. The light of the day burns his eyes and the punch makes him see stars. Bubba kicks him in the gut, and he goes down on all fours, gasping. TJ takes the gun from bubba, and pulls the hammer back, aiming it at Cy’s head. “You shouldn’t mess with the trolls, man”

Cy closes his eyes and waits for death… a blue beam of energy hits TJ.
“You got it wrong” a voice off frame says. Another, bigger wave rides across the ground and knocks all three of them back. Cy squints and looks over at the hero

Dynamax hovers over the sidewalk, both fists glowing.

“It’s you who shouldn’t mess with us.”

End issue

Issue two
Cyrus awakes in the hospital, a little confused. Wasn’t he just shot? A man in a suit comes in and tells him he’s fine. Completely healed in fact, that’s one of the advantages of superhuman powers. When he argues that he doesn’t have any super human powers, the businessman tells him that the Paragon hero authority does not tolerate unlicensed heroes in their city.

Cy insists he is not a hero, and the man asks him why he wears a standard issue vest and a mask. It’s not a mask it’s prescription sunglasses, he needs them to see in normal light, and he wears the vest because it’s a bad nationhood and getting shot is no fun. That’s issue number one isn’t it? While the vest certainly slowed down the bullet and made it less painful, it was Cy’s own skin that stopped it.. Not normal.

Cy then argues that he did not have superpowers until yesterday; he was infected with them against his will. He doesn’t even know if they are permanent, but even if they are that doesn’t mean he has to use them for good or evil, he still has rights. He was the victim in this. The businessman tells him that his insurance company won’t see it that way, and that they won’t cover his visit to the hospital. It’s not fair but that won’t matter, as far as they are concerned he was injured in hero business. Heroes are covered for their entire healthcare by the city, and they won’t cover it. In this case either will the city because they do not cover any unlicensed hero.

The man finally introduces himself as Mr. Johnson from the paragon hero authority. It’s not usual for new heroes to ignore the rules, and when this kind of thing happens they send a representative like himself to offer them a chance to enroll. In this case it’s a simple choice, enroll as an official hero of the city, or pay the medical bills on his own. If he doesn’t want to actively hero, that’s fine, there’s no obligation. They simply want him registered.

Cy ends up going to the Hero registration center in Atlas Park. It takes most of the day to do this, the commute by train, then standing in line to actually register. When he gets to the front of the line, the city representative gives him a hard time. He questions his costume. Which is not a costume. He questions his strange hero name, which is his real name… sure it is. The rep takes his information, takes his picture and gives him a package with several things: his guide to Paragon, a quick reference to local laws, and a super thin palm pilot type device.

The rep explains that this pocket computer is his ID as a city’s hero. He is to keep it with him at all times. It has several key features that will have him wanting to do that anyway. Namely, It’s thin and nearly indestructible, it can display a map of the city with GPS tracking, it can read the vitals of any hero its assigned to, as well as link with any other ID so that he can monitor the vitals of anyone else and freely talk to any other hero in the city. Finally it is a transponder that can beam him to the hospital if his vital signs get to low. Cy jams it in his back pocket and leaves.

When he steps off the train in kings row, Dynamax flies down and introduces himself. He was the one who saved him last night, and he wants to make sure he was ok. Cy is actually quite rude to him. He tells Dmax that if he wants to talk he’ll have to walk with him because he’s late for work. He’s angry at the prejudice he’s had to deal with today. He makes it quite clear that Dmax should leave him alone. D agrees to do so, but lets him know he could always send him a tell if he needs help or wants to talk.

Cy starts to tell him he has had his fill of heroes but before he can finish the thought he sees the video store in flames.

He, and Dmax run down to the scene, past the fire trucks and find frank with a blanket around him. Frank tells him that the trolls did it, and they were looking for him. They trashed and burned down the store when he said he didn’t know where Cy was. Frank gives Cy a note from TJ it has an address and a time on it. They have taken Liz and will kill her if he doesn’t show.

Dmax asks Cy if he’s ready for this kind of fight and Cy tells him it doesn’t matter. Everyone in this city as been pushing him to be a hero and making assumptions about who he is. Today he’s going to show them. “What’s your plan?” D asks him. “It’s simple. I’m going to go in there and I’m going to Kill ‘Em All.”

Frank remarks that when he said “be a hero on his own time” he was only kidding. This is crazy. He doesn’t even have any powers. Cy closes his eyes and concentrates. He starts glowing. He opens his eyes and hits a nearby mailbox. It crumples under his hand. Franks takes a few steps back. Dmax mentions that these powers are new and untested, the last time he fought just three trolls he was almost killed, this time there are sure to be many more, including skulls. Cy points out that last time he wasn’t trying, and D can feel free to leave if he wants. D tells him that he isn’t the kind to back out of a hard fight. He’ll follow Cy’s lead on this… after all its his mission.

At the warehouse Cy and Dmax come through the front door. And start hitting everything in site. TJ, Bubba and nameless are in the back playing with Liz. Liz tells them that Cy won’t come he’s no hero. TJ tells her that it doesn’t matter, if he don’t come, he’ll track him down later, and if he dose come he won’t last 5 minutes. Either way Cy’s a deadman, and she’ll be his favorite toy for a few hours before she joins him. Bubba grins greedily behind him. They both turn to the sound of Dmax’s blasters and a skull body slides across the ground to their feet.

“See what did I tell yea bubba? Just another hero here to bring us to justice.”

Cy is really pissed. He runs towards TJ and doges a punch. Dmax takes on bubba and aggros him into the next room.

TJ goes to follow but Cy gives him a sharp jab and he turns to fight. TJ doesn’t know the hurt he’s brought to himself until it’s to late. Cy takes all tjs hits and dishes out twice as much.

Dynamax fires his blasters and hovers backward wards while bubba follows. He roars and shoots wildly.
Dmax finds his back to the wall. And feet touch the ground and bubba gets ever closer. He unloads his best attack and bubba stumbles but keeps coming. He gets fase to helmet with D and speaks his first lines of the story. “That all you got heroman?”
D brings his haymaker down and nearly cracks his skull. He falls limp to the floor. “No. Its not.”

Dy hears Liz scream and flies back to the door. When he gets there he finds her in the corner and CY trying to get close to her. Seems that she’s been badly traumatized by this. She’s scared of CY. He’s strong and brutal in ways she didn’t imagine. She wants out of this warehouse and away from the two of them.

A little while later Liz gets in the cab headed for home. “Look, cy… I’m sorry it went a little crazy in there.. I think its great you’ve been doing this kind of thing… its just that.. Well I don’t think I fit into that. Maybe its time we saw other people.”
The car dries off leaving CY and D alone outside a nameless warehouse.

D mentions that despite the troubles he’s had. Doing the right thing does have its rewards. Cy sarcastically counts off that since yesterday he’s lost his job, his girlfriend, and soon will lose is apartment too. And last time he checked, having a countless number of gang members ready to take you down every time they see you was NOT a good thing.

Cy gets frustrated and kicks a fire hydrant. It breaks off and starts raining on him.

Dynamax gives him an offer.. He has access to a small fortune and is willing to pay Cy a salary for his services. He wants to encourage Cy to use his powers for good, and knows that left on his own he may very well turn to crime and evil. He wants Cyrus to join the alliance he is creating called the AFO.

With little other choice Cy accepts the offer, but makes it clear that if he’s pushed to far he’s gone. D makes it clear that he will always be free to do so.

So what’s the name of this alliance?

The AFO.

What’s that stand for? Don’t know yet.