With the release of the cast photos from the Lucidity project I think it’s time to break down how the uniforms were made.

The bigger parts of the uniform were not made by me, and deserve their own post, so I’m going to start with the patches Gab and I worked on.

Let’s start with CyClone


CyClone is a multi-planetary super-trillion dollar corporation that is funding the Lucidity expedition.

They are not a military organisation per se but still wear uniforms when appropriate.

Gabi’s sewing machine is capable of doing patch work and we really wanted to try it out.


Our first few attempts didn’t work out very well.


We simplified the design but it still seemed kind of thin.


We tried a few different versions but were at a dead end so I asked a professional for advice and switched to a new digitizing software.


Now we’re talking! A rescaling, and some color changes and we were in business.


The CyClone patch and names were all done in a program called Master Works Lite, which we are using in demo mode. I think you’ll agree that it does a great job converting vector graphics.

The Lucidity Logo and those bad assed cuffs and collars were done by someone one else, so tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you about that!