For a while now I have wanted an 11th Doctor sonic screw driver but they have been totally sold out for weeks

Eventually more will be in stock, but I have an idea to use it at AFO and couldn’t wait. Then it hit me that I would be better off with a custom one for this because even though it’s geeky to make your own I won’t have anyone thinking of a specific doctor.

This is what I came up with:

I got the parts from a curtain rod I found down stairs

I then used a dremel to machine a grove and drill some holes so it was adjustable.

The knob is a metal button painted gold I found at the jo-anns

I took apart my old 9th doctor’s screwdriver to use the components but that didn’t work out. I found some replacement parts at the wall mart and it lights up with an ultra bright blacklight LED that’s better then the original.

The pictures don’t do it justice it’s really bright.

I have a motor to make it vibrate but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it work like I wanted. Eventually I’ll get the component I need but until then this will get the job done.

It’s got an old school flair with the new series effect and It’s going to work great. because it’s all metal it’s going to wear over time to give it an even more cool and unique look. Not counting the soldering iron I had to buy I got all these pieces from right here in the house so it cost me next to nothing too.

Since I’m going to be using it for the con, maybe I should make the grip plaid… more research is needed…