With the help of my buddy Jim we had finished most of the work on converting a car seat into an office chair.

The chair was solid but I had miscalculated and it sat about two inches too high to be comfortable.


The easiest way to solve that problem was new wheels, but because of the way they are attached, I wasn’t going to be able to just replace them.

At Jim’s suggestion I decided to keep the existing casters and replace just the tries.

Car seat into office chair 03

The original medical chair I used was built to last so I had to do a bit of grinding to get it apart.

grinding the wheel

Even with bending the metal, the new tires were just a little too wide so more grinding was called for.

grinding the tire

These new wheels bring the height down the two inches I needed, so after a quick paint job on the frame and a new seat cover I had the most comfortable chair evah!

Car seat into office chair 01

I know the seat cover is a little wrinkly, but I think that will improve over time.

Seriously though, this chair is totally awesome. Not only does it roll like a dream, but it can break down really small when I need it to.

Car seat into office chair 02

Most people who convert seats from cars to use in the house will re-purpose a center axle like you normally see in an office chair.

I decided not to do that because I’ve never had one not fail on me after 2 years or less. Using the frame I did gives me stability, and the features I loose (like pivot) I make up for by having it custom fit for my behind.

Total cost even with R&D (like a wheelchair I didn’t use) is less then 140 dollars, far less then the so called professional chairs.

The only thing I may add later are arms rests, but so far it’s been really comfortable without them so it may not be needed.

Plus, I kinda like the pilots seat look of it.