Remember a few weeks ago when I bought a car chair from a U-Pull-It lot?

Well I was lucky enough to find the perfect part for feet.


I know, this is one CREEPY wheelchair, it even has straps to keep the vict– uh I mean patient from getting up.

The only thing I need from it is the feet and I knew right away it would have to be welded.

Since that is a skill a bit beyond me, I called in a favor and my buddy Jimbo came by.


Before he came over I made a mock up so he would know what I had in mind.


Once he knew what he was up against, he came over with his brand new welder.


I had already taken the wheelchair apart and after we cut it down a little, Jim was able to weld it to the Car’s sliding track.


Here’s a view of of the completed underside, note the stabilizing bar across the bottom.


Because the parts were from similar purposes they all fit together really well and I had a working chair in no time!


not bad, not bad at all!

Again, big thanks to Jim for helping me out like that!

I had measured it out, but it was still just a few inches too high to be comfortable and it’s a little dirty from being in that car lot for so long.

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll show you how I solved those problems.