It been a little over 2 years since I upgraded my office chair, something I thought would last a lot longer then it has.

office depot crap chair

The hydraulics are broken, it leans to the left, and JUST LOOK AT IT!

I need a new chair AGAIN so this time I decided to build one to last.

Custom Seat p1

This is the passenger seat out of a Chevy Malibu I picked up at a U-pull-it site earlier today that i plan to fully mod to my new desk chair.

Finding a good chair at a good price is a little harder then you might think, even at a site this freaking massive.

mitchells used auto parts

A lot of the seats were damaged, would only be sold as a set, or had airbags built in so the selection was limited.

Still, the site was a fun place to explore, I even made some friends.

Donkeys at The U pull it

The donkeys are here to scare the coyotes away from the goats, and the goats are there to keep the grass down, pretty genius I think!

But anyway, now that I’ve got the seat taken apart, I have to thoroughly clean it, and then build a frame for the bottom.

I’m working on a few designs, and when I start construction I’ll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: The chair is complete! You can see the build of it below.



You can see Part 2 here.
And you can see Part 3 here.