As most know, I’m a big fan of soda.

Mainstream corn syrup and “throwback” sugar-based brands are pretty good, but I’m always trying to find a really good mix.

I’d love to be a hipster and only get my soda on vinyl but I have yet to find something that can replace Coke and Pepsi products.

In my search for the perfect drink I ordered some true Indie Soda from England.

cube cola 05

Cube Cola is an open source soda that some chemistry students invented.

Open source means that every step is available to anyone who wants to make it and changes are allowed as long as credit is given to the original creators.

Gabi and I were not ready to deal with the raw ingredients (like actual acid) so we started with their concentrate.

Just add water…

cube cola 01

And a pinch of sugar…

cube cola 02

Set it to boil until you get a soupy mixture.

cube cola 03

And then add the concentrate.

cube cola 04

This makes a little over a liter and a half of syrup.

cube cola 06

Once you have this you add carbonated water and you have a refreshing indie soda!

cube cola 07

Of course all of that is fun, but the only real question is how does it taste?

meh.. I thought it was ok, but had an unpleasant soapy aftertaste.

Gabi on the other hand like it a lot, mixing up and drinking most of it. She liked the crisp taste and having to mix every glass caused her to have less soda through the day.

While I would pass on trying again, today’s blog has reminded her to order some more so your mileage may vary.

I’m going to keep trying different syrups, and will eventually try to mix my own Wac-Kola so if you ever see any feel free to let me know!