Man, I drop off the face of the earth for 5 days and a hurricane shows up?

I gotta keep my eye on everything, I swear!

seriously though, I went to bed this morning at 6am, and pretty much didn’t get up till 11pm today. I feel much better, but I’m still tired so no stories about the con for now.

lucky for me, I get today excused, and tomorrow is a normal day off from school anyway. Assuming this hurricane doesn’t hang around I should be back to my normally schedule Wednesday, and that includes my workouts.

I have 10 days till dragoncon,an I wanted to lose just a little more weight by then. I thought AFO was going to be a hindrance to that goal, but I ended up losing 5 pounds over the weekend. Not the most healthy way to do it, but still I’m happy to see me right at 180 now.

since I am at the weight I wanted to be at next week, I should be able to look even better by the time of the parade, Awesome!