The computer room is by far the most used room in the whole place. If we’re at home chances are we’re spending it there, so you can imagine how happy I am to be able to call it complete.


Obviously this should be the dining room, but that’s where Gabi and I have been keeping our computers since before we moved in together and we have yet to feel the sting of not having a table.

The long term plan is to set up the basement as the computer center, but that’s still sometime off so this is the best place for it right now. Besides, I’ve had this desk since I was 15 and it started its life as our kitchen table so it works out.


Anyone who has seen it knows that this machine is my pride and joy. I maintain it like some people do muscle cars, I even rub it down with armor-all once a year, and I can tell you that its NEVER been so sleek.

This room is twice the space then I’ve ever had before and it’s just a joy to sit at and use right now. Every cable is hidden and secure, I even have some going into the basement to reconnect elsewhere in the house. That kind of wiring is part of the long term plan for the living room so I’ll show that off when it’s done.

The other side of the room is where Gabi’s machine is setup. We have a lot in common but the way we use our computers are not one of them!


When we first got here getting the computers online was a top priority so I set her’s up on this old dot matrix printer desk and it turns out she likes it. She spends just as much time online as I do and only has one monitor… I’ll never figure out how she does it.

There is something to be said about the compact way her’s is done though, with space allocated only to keyboard, mouse, monitor, and a drink; she’s a lot less likely to pile up dishes and junk like I do. This was a pretty big problem with the old desk and this pretty much solves itself now.

When I get home I like to set down at my desk. eventually I take my shoes and socks off and these pile up over time. If I didn’t put them away before there’s no way I’m going to do it now that it’s hundreds of feet away.

So what’s the solution? Make the computer room where shoes belong of course!


Putting the shoes here is working great so far, the socks go into a bin I have in the black cabinet against the wall (first picture), and I’m toying with the idea of hanging my coat on a hook in that empty space above the wooden trim.

This is the closets I’ve come to showing a messy room. The right corner of this pic leads to the living room and it’s in no shape to be seen. The carpet on the ground is to cover the wires for the projector and mac mini because I’m not able to send them to the basement yet.

That’s the way it’s going to be for a while actually. Since we’re using the living room as a staging area as we clean out each section there’s no point in making it perfect until the very end.

Next up is Gabi’s old room and it’s more likely going to become my new gym. My buddy Mappy has some kickass equipment I can get for free and it’s so big it won’t fit in the space I allocated in the garage.

this is of course a good thing!

Looking at these pictures now I realize how sparse it is in here. Once we unpack and hang up our own personal stuff I may post again so you can see the more personal touch.