I’ve been offline for a while. That’s very unusual for me, I went from a post a day to nothing for weeks. I’ve been spending half my time looking for work (no luck yet) and the other half cleaning the garage.

There’s no way I can make this sound as epic as it actually was, but let me try. I spent 2 solid months emptying the random stuff from a single room. I was so into this that I didn’t stop to record my progress (except twitter) and the only “before picture” I have is this one:


The bike is a foot and a half wide in the middle and that means the entire garage had only a 6 foot by 4 foot area open in it (and that’s after I moved some stuff around). Some days I spent 2 hours, some days up to 20.

One of the main reasons this task was so difficult was unfortunately my father in law. This is his house and he likes to keep his stuff – totally understandable – but he took this to a comical extreme. Once yelling at me over a 7 year old jar of pickles and an electrical cord that didn’t connect to anything. Over this time I carried 25 bird houses, 2 lawn mowers, 4 weed whackers, 2 black and white TVs, 4 full sized (ruined) mattresses, 40 pounds of bird seed, and THOUSANDS of other items to a boat garage leading to the basement.

These numbers are no exaggeration, I did this trek so many times that it made a permanent path in the front lawn, like you see in a public park, by just walking the same path over and over…. And he’s complaining about a jar of pickles…

Since I was still jobless, having the in-law going out of his way to find a problems with what Gabi and I were doing, and being dead broke, I hit a pretty low point and got depressed. I felt like I couldn’t post a blog, play a video game, or continue to clean without a steady job, and got stagnated. When my birthday arrived I had already done the bulk of the heavy work on the garage, but there was still weeks of work ahead of me. I decided that enough was enough and I would have a totally clean garage by the weekend. As I put on twitter:

“OK garage, tomorrow is my birthday. either you will be clean before then, or my corpse will be added to your collection of trash.”

Understand that I meant it, do it or die trying. This started a three day whirlwind of work, nothing was going to stop me. When I say it was like battling and slaying a dragon, it was as close as I will ever get. It was an accomplishment that a lot of people would have given up on before it was done because I couldn’t throw anything away, everything needed a new place to live inside the house.

OK, now you know where my mind is at, let me get to showing off all the the hard work!

click here to see the new studio