So you’ve probably heard that our basement is a little messy. I don’t post about it here often because I don’t want to embarrass the in-laws, but I thought I should have SOME evidence to show why a lot of this stuff needs to be thrown away instead of resold.

In this example we have an AOL 5.0 CD and the blank betamax tape. Now both might be worth keeping ironically, if it wasn’t for not having a betamax player, and the filth these are really in.

Yea, the rats ate everything down here, there are bites like this in almost everything.

To be clear, the rats are gone now, and some things are worth cleaning, repairing, and having. But when everything is like that you have to decide what to invest the time and money in repairing and what needs to go to make room for the good stuff.

In this case, these two things have to go.