As a general rule I try not to talk about something multiple days in a row.  Even though I’m playing every day, and plan to play all month, I was not going to talk about City of Heroes again today.

Then I realized that only about 5 people who read this blog know I was talking about it in the first place, so let me get you up the speed.

This is Cyrus Caughter, hero of paragon city.

That’s a screen shot from two days ago, here’s what he use to look like back in his prime.

 Photobucket Photobucket

Cy is a member of the alliance of Fighting Otaku (AFO) which is a group of all the AFO show runners who fought crime together. I think because everyone who was in our supergroup (think guild to you wowers) were real world buddies, it made the game that much more awesome. 

Photobucket Photobucket

That ID card is one of my very first photoshops by the way.

We had many adventures, but in 2006 it ran out of steam and paragon city was pretty much on it’s own. A few people stayed, but I was not one of them until a few days ago.  When I made that Dynamax desktop, I started to remember how much fun the game was. It had gotten pretty boring at the end, but it had epic moments we still talk about today.

I think the main problem I was having with the game is that all the other random players had moved on from it as well, making it a ghost town. Only two servers had a large player base but I didn’t have my main character on them.  The maximum level is 50 and I was currently 45, it took me almost 2 years to get up that high, and I wasn’t about to start over with a bunch of people I didn’t know.

Lucky the game makers have just announced server transfer ability!  I used my last 9 real world dollars (if it wasn’t for Gabi I would starve this month, I swear to god)  and transfered Cyrus over to a server that has people on it.

Man what a difference,  people are everywhere!  It’s like the good old days of the game with lag because of too many people and everything. Some in-game events only trigger when enough people are in an area, and we just didn’t have enough people on the old server to make them work. I hope to see some of this big content in the next few days.

A lot of you new readers are probably pretty board with all this talk by now, and let me assure you I won’t bring it up for a while (unless I make progress on that Cyrus desktop to go with the Dynamax one) This post is mostly sent out to the AFO crew, but here’s a little something for you battlestar fans


The hero creator system lets you make pretty much any character you can imagine. If you don’t ask too many questions, you can have some fun with this WITHOUT having to buy an account

This costume creator was made as an advertisement for “city of Hero” the Asian version of the game. If you know how to change your regestry you can switch the program to English.

I posting a direct link to it here because it is a free program to start with. Our playing with it isn’t stealing.

But getting back to my AFO buddies, if you guys want to play again, I’m on spring break so I’ll be on most of the time, but I’m on the Freedom server now.  You’ll either have to make an alt, or transfer over with me.  Dynamax is thinking of making the leap too, so liberty server is going to be pretty dead.