With AFO, DragonCon, James’ wedding and that stupid ass PHP class done with, I find myself with 4 solid days with nothing to do. I am finally free to chill out for a while.

I finished Assassins Creed, the ending was terrible. It’s beyond a cliff hanger the game just stops, really disappointing. However I did enjoy the game, and even the repetitious game play. I do recommend it, just know that it won’t really end like it should.

I’m going to head over to bucks today and hopefully borrow the force unleashed.

This one is getting mixed reviews, but I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far so I’m looking forward to giving that a try.

Finally, tomorrow James should come over so we can start work on The Guyver 2: special edition we play to show at AFO.

I know it’s way early but I want a good video project to tinker with over the year and this ones a good choice I think.