What was I doing in Chicago?

Well, this summer I’m going to be a director at a high tech summer camp in New York and there’s a lot of training I have to go through first.

Because the camp is nationwide there are several training locations and Chicago was the closest one to me.


The flight brought me to downtown late at night, but I’m sure that’s totally safe to explore alone, right?


One of the cool things of taking Midway instead of O’hare was I had to take the world famous El


Then I had to huff it a few blocks to the train station and got an excellent view of the river.


The training was up north of the city so I had to take another train.


And stayed in a college dorm.


This is a taste of what I can expect over the summer, I get a bed and 3 square meals.


We trained on a lot of operations and attended some lectures some inside and some out.


We also played a few games, one of them was a photo contests.


I think we did pretty good!


The meeting was 2 days long, informative, and a lot of fun!

I’m excited about the camp and I’ll be keeping you up to date while I’m up there.