Gabi mentioned on twitter the other day that the dog is going to enjoy the thanksgiving left overs. This had a lot of people asking what dog so I thought I’d introduce you.


When the in-laws moved out of the house they left the dog behind to guard the place. His name is Chase and I guess they call him that because that’s what he wants to do.

Left alone for 6 years he went a little feral and when we first got here we couldn’t get anywhere near his area. The first time I tried to feed him was with a metal pole and he bit it with bone breaking force.

Over the months though he’s slowly learned what it’s like to have humans around again has chilled out. In fact when I went down to get this picture he sat down well out of my way so I could feed him, then sat on my feet so I wouldn’t leave until I gave him some attention.

I don’t trust him so I doubt we’ll ever been good friends, but I like dogs a lot so it’s nice to be on good terms with him finally. Maybe I’ll start teaching him tricks like “fetch the stick” and “don’t bite the neighbors.”