I’m super late to the movie train, but netflix finally sent me Daniel Criags first bond movie.

Gabi and I found it to be a little bit boring but there were a lot of elements about it I liked.

They claim it’s a reboot, but this is the first bond movie I’ve seen that connects all the movies together.

When M debriefs bond she tells him that he’s too new and was promoted to double O status too soon. Since Judy Dinch is the same actress that played M for the last few years it makes me think that every 007 has the name of James Bond.

Suddenly I saw all the men who have played him connected. One would die off screen and the next actor would take his place, like Doctor Who and his regenerations… only with actualy death.

The new movie is less camp, but that’s only because the bond we see is less experienced and raw. Eventually he would grow into the shaken not stirred man we’ve seen before, again if he lives that long.

Even though we were not rivited to it, I’m looking forward to giving quatum of salace a chance, maybe I’ll get around to it before 2011.