Over the last few days I’ve been spending my free time working on Saturday Morning Cartoons for AFO.

The concept and execution is the brain child of my pal Mappyman. Basically we feature the openings to about 110 cartoon shows along with a handfull of clips from the best shows.

You would think that was random but you get that feeling of nostalgia right away and can move onto the next show and the next feeling without having to sit through the boring parts that you don’t remember.

This year I’m helping increase the quality of the footage and putting it in a fun and interesting order. That means, at least for the time being, I know ALOT about cartoons of the 80′s and early 90′s.

I’ve increased my netflix account to 8 DVDs at at time so I can get the project done as soon as possible.

There is talk of cereal and PJs during the event too. If you’re going to AFO you should do yourself a favor and spend a little time in my room early Saturday.

Since there’s so much content even 5 or 10 minutes will have you with a smile on your face, guaranteed.