I was about to film downstairs and was struck with an idea, since my set has a totally even floor why don’t I skip the rickety tripod and use this more stable mic stand instead?

I went into the closet and pulled out a REALLY old tripod with a broken leg.

I was either given this or stole it from my buddy Mike, not actually sure…

I couldn’t get it to separate so I used my pipe cutter to get just the gimble head.

I was going to rig a bolt at the end, but the two pipes fit perfectly together so I now have all the features of a tripod that will be easier to quickly move around the set.

The only problem with this particular head is that it doesn’t have the quick release modern tripods do, but since I didn’t have to screw it down it’s pretty portable in it’s own right.

My plan is to just grab this whole rig and take it up stairs to pull the footage off. I pulled another part of the original frame and made a foot so it sits upright.

I don’t plan to use this foot for filming, but it’s pretty stable. If I ever need to film off a table I’ll be able to do that too.

But enough blogging and procrastinating, I have to use this part and actually film!