Tomorrow I’ll be doing my final presentation for class. I’ve worked really hard on the interface for it and I’m excited to show it off. Because my Wheldon Smiley type of presentation style is unusual for school I know that I’ll be asked for copies of my DVD. I want it to look its best so I’m spending all day burning and then LightScribing copies.

demo disk

It takes 16 minutes a disk to laser etch my logo and contact information to it, taking almost 5 hours for the labels alone, but I think it gives it that extra touch that makes the time worth it. Combine this with the business cards and envelopes and it’s going to be a package that sticks out from the norm, and should keep me remembered.

The presentation is at 1:30pm in the FullSail Auditorium tomorrow, Thursday the 1st of October.

I plan on filming the presentation for the next episode of wacko reviews, so you’ll still be able to see it even if you can’t make it live.