Once again Gabi and I got another free showing and once again it was a really enjoyable action film.

I have the same things to say about this as I did about The Last Stand. In that it was an enjoyable action flick strait out of the good ol days.

No not everything was perfect, but it didn’t have huge movie-breaking holes in the plot either.


Stallone did a good job at being bad ass, and introducing new MUCH needed talent to the genre.

stallone and momoa

I’ve been a fan of Jason Momoa since his standout role in Stargate Atlantis and he’s just gotten better from there.

He’s the next Schwarzenegger for sure guys, he’s going to make bad movies great ones. This makes me want to check out Conan too.

Sung Kang is the other stand out worth taking note of.


The movie tries really hard to make him seem stupid or inexperienced, but he kept out smarting everyone in the room.

Sure, he got himself almost killed… a few times… but there were reasons damnit!

Getting back to the movie itself its another good one, but wait for rental I think.

Still, check it out if you get the chance.