In the cliffhanger of yesterdays video I had Wacko find himself stuck in the launch tube of the Battlestar Galactica.

Originally I was going to pull a footage of the fleet from an episode but I couldn’t find something I liked. Either it focused too much on the bucket or it had an advertisement or scifi logo in the way. At the last minute I decided to make my own fleet using the 3d simulator in aftereffects.

To achieve this I took this pretty well known photo and cut all the ships out

Once the white was removed I put each ship in a separate layer in photo shop and then brought that document into After Effects. From there I added a star field background, set a different depth and position for each ship, animated them moving forward, then added some lights and a camera having it move as well.

It’s not a perfect effect, but I thought it was good enough that you might not know I created it from scratch so I thought I would point it out.

The next episode is going to be about the ending of Battlestar, so I think I might keep working on this effect, we’ll see.