This Saturday, Gabi’s good friend Brinson invited us to his birthday party at his place.

There were many “party favors” to be enjoyed, I was all over that Barq’s Rootbeer!


After much cake flavored Vodka, we were going to play some Ca$h ‘n Gun$ but Patrick thought, why not do it with real guns?


Bullets were flying everywhere.

I’d like to say I won with my Jon Woo style gunKata, but I got as much as I gave.


When we were sure that no one lost an eye, all the party guests gathered around for a game of Cards against humanity.


There were some really good combinations in this one, I think we had the plot to Ironman 4

Unfortunately Gabi and I were the first to leave because I had Lucidity training for my crew the next day, but I can tell you this…


The party was full of winners!


So happy birthday Jason, thanks for inviting us to a great party!