The first time I went to the gym it was a sales pitch.
The second time I was there on the wrong day so all I did was treadmill.
The third time was the trainer showing me how to use the machines and having it set on weak-ass weights.
Today, the fourth day I USED the gym.

I started with their 25 minute total body workout. I went through the whole thing 15 reps each machine, twice. Took about 50 minutes as advertised. Then I went to the elliptical trainer and did 30 minutes of that at 25 resistance. I did it this way because trainer guy said I would most likely need to build to that. It was tough but doable, so I’m going to start interval training next visit.

It was a good workout, but I felt I had a little more in me so I did another half hour on the treadmill at varying elevations.

I never thought I would be the guy to spend 2 hours at the gym, but I feel great. On my walk home I hit the apartments pool for a little to cool down, it was the perfect temperature.

This Gym membership is just what I needed to really take this seriously. Once school starts back up after the 4th, I will have every other day off. As long as I stick to a clean diet, and BRING IT at the gym like I did today, I should be able to stand proudly with the other Spartans!