For the past few days and for the the next 43 days, my mind, my will is focused on one thing.

Get. In. Shape.

I’m focused on this like I have never been before. Previously, I’ve been into it, but now it’s the only thing I want to do. I can’t even tell you why this is, perhaps its because I’ve been blogging for 6 months that I wanted to be in this shape by mega, I don’t know. But I want this so bad that I have locked down my schedule, my meals, everything is accounted for.

I’m eating small portions every two hours, and hitting the treadmill and p90x every day. Combine this with school and some of you might not see me till megacon. I guarantee you I will have viable strong abs by then.

I might even be spartan, shoes and cape is on the way, and leather underpants are being made for me.

I’m feeling good and living clean. It’s hard work, but hopefully will be worth it.

hope to see you on the other side.