Hold the presses, I’ve wrangled another guest post! This time for my buddy Brian,

And he says….

Flash (briefly) back to November 2011 , I decided to sit down and watch Ghostbusters 2 with my two daughters Kara and Catalina.

Unbeknownst to me (but knownst to someone at SONY) There are two story related episodes of “The Real Ghostbusters” on the newer edition DVD I have of both films.

After not showing alot of interest in the live action film i opt to try out the animated version on her (which to my credit I havent seen in years and was a huge fan of during its original airing ) She immediately was overjoyed with what she saw , she is 2 years old and i havent yet seen her act out scenes of something she’s seen on television , so being the nerd I am , now I am presented with a Dilemma;

I find myself with a child in need of toys from 2 decades ago , and even if they are acquired and in decent shape how can i let her destroy them ? I wont , I can’t .. I’ll build her something myself if i have to (LIGHTBULB)

So began the effort to construct for my oldest daughter a proton pack for her time and place , Mind you this isnt to any sort of plan or strict guidelines , I just wanted to make something that gives off the right look and is instantly recognizable.

Christmas day she received it as a gift from her Mother and I and she plays with it on occasion now with her vintage Kenner trap.

She had made a leap off the couch the night before and after spending X-Mas Eve in the ER , they released her with a minor sprain and told us not to hinder her or push her either way , so that’s why shes sitting in the pics of her wearing it

With her trusty Egon Spengler action figure , Mego style

Uncle Matt and her re-enact a scene , She loves her Marshmallow Man and Slimer now too.

A Red bull can – an old Pressure gauge , an electrical switch and plate , and a round cardboard tube with a tin bottom , $23.00 USD total spent and mostly at ACE hardware , some scraps laying around the workshop and some freetime and i dare say ive made her a pretty darn neat toy.

I’d like to thank Wacko for letting me do a guest blog on his journal and i’d like to mock and shame him for not being around his Honorary-Nieces back here in Florida so that they might become Lucidity crew members.


Thanks for sharing it with us, and I am sorry I can’t be around more often. Orbiting in a spaceship trumps living in Orlando. You can beam up here whenever you want though!