When we last left our heroes they had just returned from the renfaire and had a marvelous time. The next tale is one of secret formulas and high fructose corn syrup, but before I tell you that I have to rewind to Saturday and tell you about




Together, they are playing at The Plaza Atalanta!

Right before I was getting ready for bed, I saw a facebook post that a print of Bill and Teds Bogus Journey was playing at midnight and to my surprise James was more then up for going to watch it.

I didn’t think to take any pictures, but it was an amazing blast from the past. Watching this movie in this theater was just like it was in 1989 and it was a lot of fun, even more so because the girls in the picture above dressed up for it and everything.

The Plaza is such a cool place to go, and I need to spend more time there. This month I’m going to check out the silver scream spook show, no excuses!