I heard Allen was going to go down to bike week so I invited myself to join him.

I got there a little before Allen did and believe it or not I was surprised by the number of bikes there.

This is one potion of one parking lot, not even the display stuff.

The pictures don’t do it justice, there must have been a 100 thousand bikes there.

One of the cool parts is that parking and event stuff was totally free. There were a lot of booths and things to look at with surprising low prices.

I thought this bike was bad ass, it was the first one I took a picture of because of that back tire.

and I turn and damn it, its a ninja, mine doesn’t look like this!

There were also blinking flashing lights. I know you’re shocked but I found few cool things I wanted.


and check it out, rockband! You know it’s popular when someone goes through the trouble to set it up here.

Once Allen arrived the first thing we did was hit the Harley area.

See, I never looked into bike week and I didn’t know what it was all about. I assumed we would be going in circles like you saw with the trike

So why did they have a sophisticated system for getting my license info?

turns out we take these bad boys on the road!

There’s a section where you can get the bike up to 80 or 90 and that was great for comparing for future purchases

After that I was eager to try the ninja and buel’s but do to an unfortunate series of misunderstandings we waited in a line for half and hour for no reason, then got fed up and went to lunch. When we got back at 2:30pm everyone was done taking the bikes out so we couldn’t try any more.

I don’t know why they stopped so soon in the day, but I’m caulking it up to a life lesson: Get to bike week early and get in line to drive! everything else can wait.

Allen and I had been around about 30% of the place, but with the demo’s shutting down and both of us being sunburn we decided to call it a day.

We had plans for dinner at Carol’s but we had to kill a little time before she got home, there was a mall right across the street so we hit that. When I got back from the bathroom I found allen trapped by the hypnotic funnel!


Dinner at carol’s was good and a great way to end the day. I enjoyed by first bike week quite a bit, it was fun all around.

I even got my first biker patch!

I feel so manly now!