It gets cold and rainy here in Atlanta and I’ve been out it in on my bike. Being broke has forced to make some creative solutions to keeping warm, but I knew when winter finally arrived I would need something designed for it. Thankfully I have kickass parents and they bought me the exact thing I needed for my birthday.


you can click the pic to see a high rez version

This suit is called a “textile commuting/touring suit” It’s billed as 100% water proof, and has padding around the joins thighs and back. The inside of the suit is a thick plastic and that feels weird against bare skin, so wearing shorts will be a little odd but totally doable for those short trips to the store. If you look closely you’ll see a clear pocket on the right side that’s great for the iphone or ID.

Some of the padding is made of foam rubber and seems a bit flimsy, but I haven’t done the research yet to know for sure. All of them are removable so I can replace them with new pads in the future.

Before I got this, I was wearing the jacket Allen gave me. I love it, but it’s nice to have lower body protection that goes on with the same amount of effort as just the coat.

My parents paid 150.00 for the suit via Amazon. The site has great deals for all kinds of motorcycle gear because they treat it like regular clothes and it goes “out of style” and then on big discounted sales. The original price was 500.00 dollars and the quality shows.

When it’s raining and cold (like it was the day I took these) this suit is a godsend. Before I had it, I was using a cloth jumpsuit to stop the wind between the pants and the jacket on the long trips to job interviews and it was barely enough. This new suit makes it feel warm and comfortable where I would have been dangerously cold before.

Arriving at my destination for short trips is great because I can open it up to let the heat back out.   In fact, the zipper goes from the neck all the way down to the bottom of the left leg if I need it to.  This is a hold over from racing suits and makes it easy to put on even with clothes that don’t slide very well.

bike jumpsuit 06

And, although I cant move  to quickly this way, I can also tie it around my waist

bike jumpsuit 07

This makes me feel like a pilot. No, that’s not true, it makes me feel like a SPACE pilot!

After I get some gauntleted gloves to close the gap between my wrist and sleeve I’ll be ready for winter. The only problem I have is that this suit is NOT for summer riding at all. Even though it was billed as having zippered vents, this things seals up tight and lets no air out even when you need it to unless you unzip the font and that can be unsafe while in traffic. That’s a small criticism since I got it specifically to keep me warm, wearing it year round was only going to be a bonus.

Still, most of you know I really like jumpsuits so I’ll try to find a summer weight version before it gets to warm. That’s months away though and I’m sure if I keep my eyes on amazon one will pop up.

Thanks again to my Mom and Dad for hooking me up with this, it was totally a great birthday present!

now all I have to do is decide what patches to put on it…