I finished Metal Gear 2 the other day, and moved onto Metal Gear 3.

Like with Son’s of Liberty I played Snake Eater on very easy mode just to enjoy the story again.

I took that pic because I finally found the patience to use only the stun gun and not kill anyone, even in easy mode that’s pretty hard.

The real story isn’t about how I played it though, it’s about how Gabi did.

In October of 2006 I was really sick, I would come home from work and climb into bed. Gabi would come into the bedroom and keep me company and we hooked up the ps2 so I could play in the times I was awake.

She had never played a metal gear game before so all the action and story was new to her. As I played she started to really like Naked Snake / Big Boss and wanted to see what would happen next.

Halfway though the game, snake is tortured to within an inch of his life and looses an eye. Gabi turns to see what’s going to happen next… and I was asleep! She shakes me and pokes me, but I won’t wake up. Gabi had no choice but to save Snake herself and when I woke up she had almost beaten the game.

This created a funny thing and I tease her about whenever I play. She has a crush on Naked Snake but not his son, Solid Snake.

Solid Snake is played by the same actor and is pretty much the same guy, but she just doesn’t like him, isn’t that weird.

Se we’re basically both looking forward to metal gear 4. I’m hoping it will finally connect the two generations and we’ll both be fans of it.