Yesterday was Orlando’s first Zed meeting.

Killing Zombies is always a good time, but real firearms are no laughing matter. There was seriousness in the air, and that was a very good thing. We started out with a safety briefing, which was pretty strait forward.

A gun is an amazingly simple machine, as long as you know how to load it, it’s point and click. the trick is to respect the power it has and don’t point it at anything that would be unsafe.

My weapon of choice was the 9mm beretta. There’s a reason why its used by the American armed forces both civil and military… besides back door politics and big government contracts. I was surprised to find that the plastic airsoft guns helped me prepare for the real thing in a serious way. Both buck and I were familiar with the weapon in a way we would not be had we not owned the model.

My first time out, I only loaded 7 rounds, this was part nervousness and part misunderstanding about how full the clip could actually get.

However I was not nervous at all when I actually fired, at that point I was serious about my aim.

seven shots, seven hits to the head. I don’t want to ever fire a weapon outside of a shooting range, but it is peace of mind to know that if there was a zombie apocalypse, (or something else even more frightening) I would be able to deal with it, first try.

I can’t actually remember if buck shot before me or not, but the picture I got of it was later in the day.

He didn’t do bad either, I know what it looks like in this pic, but he did make several head shots here, He had a 16 round clip and just a few landed left of center.

Buck’s pal Zack was at the range as well. It was hard to remember to get good photos so I have to say sorry to him as well. All I got was him with the .357 magnum.

He had a lot of rounds with that, and let buck and I fire too

these were big shells compared to what we used before, I’m not a big fan of hard calibers because in most situations a 9mm is enough I think.

but since I had the ability, I had to have my gunslinger moment. I loaded it with six shells.

and said my gunslingers oath. I do not aim with my hand, he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father, I aim with my eye… ect.

I fired this gun with one hand in the gunslinger style and this made Buck and Zack nervous, so they didn’t get a shot of it. I aimed for the chest as if it were not a zombie. Four shots landed in the chest, but two didnt hit the target at all. This gun gun had a hair trigger and I fired early those two times. This is no excuse. I shot with my hand, not with my mind, and forgot the face of my father those two times… sorry pop.

Over all it was a good time, and I feel better about my preparedness in dire situations, zombies or other wise. I think pretty much everyone who went feels the same way.

This reminds me that I have to take a course in motorcycle riding too. If there was an apocalypse of any kind the only way to travel will be by dirt bike and I have no experience in that.

But if it is Zombie I did remember one of the most important rules.

always save that last one, just in case.